Based on a 300 acre organic farm in the centre of a UNESCO recognised Geopark, being ‘Green’ is not just a choice, it is part of who and what we are. Deelin Mór is already a haven from modern farming practices that put poisonous substances on the land, remove animal habitats and destroy delicate ecosystems that would otherwise support the unique flora and fauna of the Burren. By farming organically and sensitively, planting & coppicing trees and maintaining habitats, we encourage a broad diversity of flora and fauna which has a visible effect on how the farm looks and is one of the things that creates it’s ‘special’ feel. We have a vast number of plant species including rare orchids; at least 19 different species of moths and butterflies; and a large number of wild animal species including goats, hares, badgers & foxes. In addition we recycle everything we can from food, to paper, to farm materials; use eco friendly cleaning products (either steam, or Ecover and Lilly’s products); we collect our own water, harvest our own wood for burning, and manage our own waste water systems to ensure that our impact here is minimal. The farm is part of the Burren Life project (farming for conservation) and we are members of Burren Beo, Ireland’s first ‘landscape charity’. If you would like more information on this organization and how you can get involved see or ask us for a leaflet!


As part of our membership of the Burren Ecotourism Network we are committed to improving systems which were originally set up for a private residence and ensure that they are as practical, efficient and environmentally sustainable as possible in an accommodation-providing business that is spread across 4 properties. Over time this will include looking at how we can conserve energy through better lighting & heating, improved efficiency of electrical equipment and ensuring that our houses have the highest quality of insulation and draft proofing that we can give them.


Leave No Trace

We are partners of Leave No Trace for 2014

We encourage all our guests to follow the Leave No Trace Policy by providing information on the policy in our welcome file and asking guests to follow the guidelines.


Green Purchasing Policy

We do not provide much in the way of food or products for guests, but any food we do provide is local (under 10 miles) and usually organic. We also encourage all our guests to buy locally and provide them with a list of local suppliers for salad, eggs, vegetables, meat, wine etc.

  • All cleaning products for rental properties are eco-friendly (Lilly’s or Ecover) and bought locally in Kinvarra
  • Almost all of our food is bought locally (within 10 miles) and where possible is organic (see our welcome file for list of providers).
  • We shop in Gort or Galway once every three months for food and products that are not available locally.
  • We aim to avoid shopping outside of these areas wherever possible and where possible choose products that are also made locally.



All our waste is separated in all Deelin Mor properties and recycled as appropriate. To date our waste falls below the average for our type of business and we intend to keep it that way. Food ‘waste’ is re-used, either by feeding it to our animals or by composting. What little is unusable is put into the Brown Bin provided by Clean Ireland. We use clean Ireland as our waste collectors because they provide the highest level of service (collecting landfill, recycling, food and clothes) and the largest recycling bin. They also weigh every lift so that we can get a clear picture of our rubbish production throughout the year.


Energy & Water

On a day to day basis we aim to conserve energy by turning out lights and turning off appliances, maintaining and where necessary improving insulation, and improving the running of the heating system. We ensure that all dripping taps are repaired and we ask that guests make sure that they turn off taps after use and use water bearing conservation in mind. We are committed to only using Environmentally friendly cleaning products in the house to limit the amount of pollution we add to the environment.


To date we have:

  • serviced the underfloor heating and improved consumption by 4 L/hr
  • fitted chimney balloons to unused chimneys
  • fitted rebates to the stove chimneys to keep heat in the room
  • started the changeover to low energy bulbs
  • ensured that new equipment has the highest energy rating we can get
  • moved to steam cleaning where possible to limit the amount of product of any sort entering the water system
  • fitted energy efficient combi-boilers in the cottages
  • started fitting room thermostats for greater heating efficiency
  • changed providers of waste collection in order to allow us to fully separate our waste and recycle all plastics, cardboard, tins, bottles and fabrics
  • started to monitor our waste with the aim of recycling 90% of our rubbish
  • started to monitor our usage of oil, electricity, gas and water in order to identify opportunities to save energy
  • we buy locally. 90% of our food is bought within 10 miles and 100% of all food and products are bought within 30 miles. Where possible we source products that are also produced locally or at least within the island of Ireland.
  • set up a vegetable garden for use by guests in the haggard at Poulaphouca
  • use our home grown organic apples to produce chutneys, jellies, desserts and just eat – and provide these to our guests in season
  • provided details and a map of local food providers for use by our guests
  • garden organically including composting, use of seaweed and other natural fertilisers and weeding rather than poisoning
  • provided organically made soaps and shower gels from the Burren Perfumery in Carron
  • We operate a ‘Leave No Trace’ policy with guests staying at Deelin Mór



As a guest you can help in the following ways:

  • Turn off lights when you leave the room
  • Turn off electrical appliances at the wall when not in use (eg phone chargers, TV, etc)
  • Ensure taps are fully turned off when not in use
  • Do not put any chemicals into the waste water system
  • Separate used and unused towels to help conserve water during washing
  • Separate your rubbish into the bins provided – Glass; recycling; compost; other food and, for the little else left (we hope!), landfill.
  • Respect the landscape and follow the ‘leave no trace’ advice outlined in our Information folder
  • Buy locally to conserve petrol and support our artisan producers and the local economy



Visitor Interpretation & Guiding

All guests have access to books and information about the Burren, either from the library selection, Burren Beo information in the house or the information we ourselves have compiled about the Burren. This includes information on local guides, walking routes, places of interest and activities.



Sustainable Transport

In order to help guests decide how best to reach us we provide links to transport providers through the Burren Ecotourism website link on our own website as well as detailed directions. We encourage cyclists, providing information on cycling routes and bicycle hire options, and offer a free gift of a bottle of champagne to any party that arrives here through public transport or under their own steam.